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Heel Pain

There are many causes of heel pain. The most typical is plantar fasciitis. Patients sometimes know this as "heel bruise" "stone bruise" "bone spur" or another name. The plantar fascial ligament is a structure that runs on the bottom of your foot which helps to support the arch. When this fails, it is typical for pain to occur during the first few steps in the morning which either gets better or worse as the day progresses.

Do you have heel pain?

If so, Dr. Schmitt and his staff at Southern Star Foot and Ankle are available to help you.

There are also other causes of heel pain which we also treat. Most commonly achilles tendonitis, tumors, nerve entrapment and arthritis.

Dr. Christopher Schmitt is a highly trained foot and ankle surgeon and clinician who is dedicated towards helping you get on your feet as quickly as possible. Plantar fasciitis can be disabling and inhibit not only one's job duties but also their general enjoyment of life.

There is no need to suffer or live with your heel pain any longer. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to have your heel pain evaluated.  You can read further on this condition here!

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